Big news from Aseophile

It's your lucky day

Hello my dear Aseophile subscribers! 

As you may notice, this issue looks a lot different than normal Aseophile issues. This is because I am finally pulling the trigger and shifting over to substack. 

But that is not overly important. What is important is that I have permanently left Singapore and am exploring this crazy, big and beautiful world.

Aseophile will continue as always, but expect more experimental issues. 

Luckily for everyone is that I will need some time to transfer Aseophile Plus to my new system, which means no paywall! I will continue to separate them, but Aseophile Plus will go out to everybody for the next couple of months.

Over the summer, I will make it obvious where you can become a paying member and slowly Aseophile Plus will go back under the paywall. But for the next couple of months, Enjoy!!

For Aseophile Plus members:

Consider this the end of the 1.0 version of your membership. I do not have access to any financial information, so if you want to subscribe to 2.0 (once it is up and running), it will need to be a manual process on your end.

You will no longer be charged (double check your next bank statements).

Thanks for the wonderful support. It kept me motivated and helped me buy lunches at the end of the month when it was belt-tightening time. :)

In the meantime, expect a new Aseophile tomorrow to kick off the new journey!

Oh, and Tell your friends!